Galapagos Islands Tours & Packages

Honeymoon in Isabela island (5D/4N)

There are some unique lifetime experiences and a honeymoon is one of them, Iguana Crossing will take you on unique tours in order to discover the beauty of the islands.

Tintoreras snorkeling tour in Galapagos

Las Tintoreras are a small group of islands off the coast of Isabela that form a series of sea channels where white tipped reef sharks doze and playful sea lion pups give chase.

The Tunnels snorkeling tour in Galapagos

The Tunnels (Los Túneles) is a marine paradise for the white tipped reef shark, manta rays, parrot fish, yellowtail surgeon fish, Galápagos green sea turtle and the Galápagos sea lion.

Volcan Sierra Negra tour in Galapagos

For hikers and geology lovers the visit to Volcan Sierra Negra is a must during your stay at Isabela Island.

Isabela island tour (3D/2N)

This is the largest island in the Galapagos and is still being formed by 6 shield volcanoes.

Wall of Tears Land tour Galapagos

The eerie yet intriguing Muro de las Lagrimas is a ten meter high wall of lava rock, a sad reminder of Isabela's history.

Isabela island tour (4D/3N)

The area is filled with giant tortoises and birdlife. Afterwards we will visit the breeding center and the flamingo lagoon.

Campo Duro & Cuevas de Sucre tour

"Campo Duro and Cuevas de Sucre" tour is fantastic trip to Refugee of Giant Turtles and lava formations located at an endemic forest.

Isabela island tour (5D/4N)

Navigation to a place where lava flow impacted with the ocean waves to form the stunning tubes and bridges of Los Tuneles.


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